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Site Map

Site Map

For Teachers

Articles on writing pedagogy for instructors to read and writing handouts for students. This section contains documents that take more of a long view of teaching, reflecting on why and how we do what we do.

1. Basic principles: the thinking behind the materials.
2. Assigning and responding: grading rubrics for you and writing handouts for your students
3. Grammar videos: Video grammar lessons and handouts.
4. Grammar exercises index: An index of all the grammar practice exercises, organized so you can copy the URLs into your own web page.
5. Vocabulary: Field-specific vocabulary sheets for you or your students
6. Contribute: Contribute your own materials, send us a message

Classroom Activities
In-class grammar and writing activities for teachers and students. This section is organized by grammar point for quick access to activities ready to use in the next ten minutes.

For Students

Handouts on how to write better in French, how teachers grade, etc.

  1. Write Better:Find handouts that explain how to write certain kinds of essays, explanations of how teachers grade writing.
  2. Build Vocabulary: Work on theme-specific vocabulary (beginners) or field-specific vocabulary (poetry, prose, theater, cinema).
  3. Grammar Videos:Browse a collection of video grammar lessons, and some handouts as well, not intended to replace a good grammar book.

Grammar/Writing Exercises
Practice your grammar at home. Exercises organized by language level and by grammar point. These exercises are designed to work with any method or textbook you happen to be using.