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Write Better

Write Better

These pages explain how to write certain kinds of essays in French, as well as how some ways that professors grade writing assignments.

Writing college French essays, by Alison Levine.

How to write an essay for an upper-level French literature, culture, or film class.

Writing college response/reaction papers, by Cheryl Krueger.

How to write a response paper or reaction paper at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level.

Writing business letters in French, by Alison Levine.

How to lay out and formulate job application letters, requests for information, and other professional correspondence.

How professors grade upper-level French essays, by Alison Levine.

Descriptions of what makes an A paper, a B paper, etc. for the argumentative essay in French at UVA.

How professors grade intermediate French essays, by Alison Levine.

Descriptions of an A, B, paper, etc. for the intermediate level at UVA.

How to improve your grammar, by Alison Levine.

In this carnet de corrections, you can keep track of the grammar errors you make and how to correct them, as your professor goes over your work through the semester. A useful tool to help you avoid repeating errors.

Erreurs à éviter, by Mary McKinley.

A short list of common errors at the intermediate level. We are working on a more advanced list.