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Assigning & Responding

Assigning & Responding

All of these documents are provided in Word format so you can customize them for your own course.

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Writing French essays, by Alison Levine.

How to write an argumentative essay in French. Document in French, written for students.

Writing response/reaction papers, by Cheryl Krueger.

Writing a response paper or reaction paper at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level.

Writing business letters, by Alison Levine.

Layout and politeness formulas for cover letters and other professional correspondence.

Grading rubric for advanced French essays, by Alison Levine.

Descriptions of what makes an A paper, a B paper, etc. for the argumentative essay in French.

Grading rubric for intermediate French essays, by Alison Levine.

Descriptions of an A, B, paper, etc. for the intermediate level.

Grading rubric for second drafts/essay rewrites, by Alison Levine

Descriptions of qualities I require when my students hand in a second draft.

Carnet de corrections, by Alison Levine.

An error log your students can download and fill out over the course of the semester to keep track of their own errors in order not to repeat them.

Erreurs à éviter, by Mary McKinley.

A short list of common errors at the intermediate level. We welcome contributions/improvements to this list, as well as to the advanced level list we are working on.