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Basic principles

Basic principles

A Short Guide to Teaching Writing in Any French Course, by Alison Levine

*Basic principles in teaching writing
*What students can learn about writing in a content course
*Which skills to focus on at different levels in foreign language classes
*What to tell students about writing
*Writing-related activities in ten words
*Good writing assignments in two lines
*Peer editing tips
*Responding to assignments

Writing Argumentative Papers in Upper-Level French Courses, by Alison Levine

The basics of argument, evidence, organization, style, written in French, for students

Helping Students Write Better, by Barbara Gross-Davis

An Emphasis on Process from Assignment Through Assessment, by Cheryl Krueger*

*Reproduced with permission from the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse the A Vos Plumes! website.